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Update 20:40, 22 Jun 2004 (UTC)
I started out with the intention of adding some bits to the various computer history pages; since I've been around computers starting in the late 60s, I've seen a lot of that history first hand...

But then I discovered various pages about Indians and ended up spending a bunch of time adding to and discussing those topics... Well, you see, I also happen to be part Indian and have some strong feelings on those topics. It's been challenging trying to express things in the Wikipedia's NPOV format.

For more info see

Native Americans in the United States -- an excellent article in it's current form (added 8/23/2008)
Indian Removal
American Indian
Native American

The Wikipedia Puzzle Logo is Awesome!!!

I've been a consumer of Wikipedia for quite awhile. Have now started to make some modest contributions.

I have been Bopping Bits and Nibbling Bytes since the late 60s, so I can speak about many things from first hand experience.

ErikFP 13:01, 15 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Pages I found to be of particular interest

Subjective validation
North magnetic pole
dogon Tribe Nommos Good overview with lots of photos