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Wikipedia Interests, areas of knowledge[edit]

  • Women's cycle racing - first contribution March 2005
  • Highland Games

Scottish Highland Games[edit]

Highland dancing (sword dance) at the 2007 Tacoma Highland Games

Photo (right): No, that isn't me, but the page needed a photo. This is a shot of one of the Highland dancers at the 2005 Skagit Valley Highland Games demonstrating her footwork. The Skagit Valley Games that year were the site of the U.S. Inter-Regional Highland Dance competition.

In April of 2005, I started the Highland Games wiki. Those who are interested will find there quite a number of other photos of mine related to Highland Games activities, including not only Highland dancing, but also pipes and drums, bagpipe bands, and Scottish heavy athletic competition. And, of course, you are also invited to help develop the Highland Games wiki with your own photos, articles, and rreports.

The following are examples of Wikipedia articles related to Highland Games to which I have made major contributions:

Aboyne dress - Belted plaid - Caber toss - Highland games - Inverness Highland Games - Jack Lee (bagpiper) - Jori Chisholm - Kilt - Kilt accessories - Scottish highland dance - Kilt variants - Practice chanter - Simon Fraser University Pipe Band - Vestiarium Scoticum

Women's cycle racing[edit]

1998 Women's Challenge

Formerly, in the late 1990s, I was the webmaster of Mari Holden's official web site at And, for a number of years, until mid-2003, I maintained the Palmarès of Elite Women Cycle Racers web site. This web site was the largest site on the web devoted exclusively to women's cycle racing, attracting between three and four thousand site visits per week.

Much of the material obtained in support of the former Palmares web site (that which is suitable for inclusion in the Wikipedia), including many dozens of photos, will be made available under free license terms on Wikipedia.

The following are examples of Wikipedia articles related to women's cycle racing to which I have made major contributions:

Amber Neben - Anna Millward - Dede Barry - Diana Ziliute - Edita Pucinskaite - Genevieve Jeanson - Grande Boucle - Jochen Dornbusch = Kathy Watt - Mari Holden - Rasa Polikeviciute - Rebecca Twigg - Sport in Lithuania - Women's Challenge - Zulfiya Zabirova

Note on Sources

The Palmarès of Elite Women Cycle Racers web site, although no longer available, but with much of the material probably available through (look for, is the immediate basis for much of the data regarding women cycle racers which I am in the process of posting.

But the primary source (and the basis for the data on the Palmarès web site itself) consists mainly of official race results as reported from official sources and posted on the official race web site for the given races. For results prior to about 1998, Alfred North's data, as reported on the former web site was extensively used. At tmes, other sources, such as, were also used in the compilation of the data on the Palmarès web site.

Further sources include the UCI web site (, especially for more recent data and, where available, the riders' own web sites. In many instances, I asked the riders themselves to check over the data as reported on the Palmarès web site and report back with any errors they might find. In only one instance did a rider request that a correction be made. First, in that case, I added a result not previously known to me. And secondly, the rider reported that she had finished in 2nd place in a time trial, while the Palmarès web site data indicated that she had won the race. A check with the race director of the race in questin revealed that the Palmarès web site was in fact correct and the rider was thus able to correct her own resumè based on the Palmarès data!

The bottom line is: I have a high degree of confidence in the accuracy of the posted data. A true and correct copy will be kept available on my hard drive, so that it will always be available in case of need.

Images uploaded[edit]

Photography, Videography[edit]

A number of photographs taken by myself have been posted to the various articles on women's cycle racing. Most of these were obtained at the Women's Challenge race between the years 1998 and 2002, the last year in which that race was held. In addition, I obtained a number of photos at the Sea Otter Classic and at the Tour of Willamette.