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Avalon strip from 8 February 2006, the final strip
Author(s)Josh Phillips
Current status/scheduleEnded
Launch date8 November 1999[1]
End date15 February 2007[2]

Avalon was a webcomic by Josh Phillips set in the fictional city of Avalon, Ontario, Canada. It focused on a group of high school students, and while it was originally gag-a-day, it evolved into a coherent, long-term story with realistic characters. The comic launched on 8 November 1999 and was originally scheduled to end in August 2002.[3] Avalon was a member of Keenspot.

Hiatus and Aftermath[edit]

After a series of lengthening delays, Phillips eventually placed the comic on indefinite hiatus on 24 August 2004. No new Avalon comics were produced until 24 January 2006, when Phillips posted a new strip[4] and stated his intention to finish the series. Only seven new strips were produced, the last of which was released on 28 February 2006. As of May 2006, no new strips have been released, and no explanation had been given. On 15 February 2007, Phillips revamped the site, linking to the text summary of the storyline's conclusion on the otherwise-blank main page. This summary described the intended endings of the story arcs introduced up to that point, including the revelation that a presumed-heterosexual character would enter a lesbian affair.[5]

After an extended period of hiatus, Phillips mentioned that he was considering farming out the art and writing to fellow webcartoonist, David Willis, so that his dedicated fan-base could achieve closure from the storyline.@damnyouwillis (1 April 2009). "I've just spoken with Josh Phillips. I'm illustrating a real conclusion to Avalon" (Tweet). Retrieved 21 October 2018 – via Twitter.

Phillips announced that, having recently been married, he had "outgrown" Avalon and cartooning in general, and had no further need to continue the project.[6] He briefly tried his hand at several smaller projects, such as the short-lived webcomic "Two-Eighty", but abandoned them after only a few updates.[7]


In 2001, Avalon won Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards for Best School-based Comic and Best Dramatic Comic.[8] In 2002, it was nominated for Best Reality-based Comic and Best Dramatic Comic, and won Best Romantic Comic.[9] Avalon was nominated for the 2003's Best Romantic Comic as well.[9]

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